Yasmin Noorbakhsh

Yasmin Noorbakhsh explores socio-political issues through her multidisciplinary practice. She has studied both in Iran and the U.K. and is currently doing her MA Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. Yasmin relates strongly with transcultural identity, displacement, and living with the uncertain feelings of life ‘in-between’.

Born in Iran, Yasmin’s source of inspiration pays attention to history, human beliefs and culture and also effects of life in post-revolutionary Iran including the Iran-Iraq war. With uncertainty being the core of her practice, in her multifaceted layers and complex surfaces Yasmin tries to depict the state of being in-between two spaces. Between known and unknown, pleasant and unpleasant, and how sometimes the two are interwoven to each other. She borrows elements from Persian traditional art and history and fuses them with elements of Modern art, creating a strong sense of friction and collision. She states: “My marks cannot exist only with rational thinking; there are controlled moments but also intuitive and loose too. All elements that I work with participate and engage in an experiment, an experiment of finding hope in chaos”.

Instagram: @yasminnoorbakhsh

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