Terry Barber

Terry Barber works across painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking and installation, taking inspiration from pareidolia, found objects, non-traditional materials, myths, stories and forgotten histories. Seeking out the unexpected and uncanny to inform her work, the resulting images and artworks are unanticipated, atmospheric or ethereal, and often appear to be in a state of flux between presence and absence.

During lockdown, Terry started to explore the concept of drawing without intention as a form of mindful escapism. With her long-standing interest in pareidolia – the tendency to see faces, creatures or objects in random patterns – many of these drawings inevitably suggest features, masks or fantastical beasts, which she uses to add to her cast of characters.

Terry graduated three years ago with a First in Fine Art, having studied part-time over a number of years while working as a journalist and editor on a range of magazines and publications. She has since been concentrating on establishing her own studio practice.

Website: Terry Barber
Instagram: @terrybarberartist

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