Louise Hardy

Using photographic imagery as a starting point, Louise Hardy’s recent Ghost City series of powerful and haunting paintings explore notions of chaos, conflict and occupation. They show vast cities cleaved in two by the meanders of great rivers or rendered unrecognisable by the tragedies of war.

These semi-abstract works are filled with a jumble of architectural topography; decimated cityscapes, tangles of broken buildings, often over-developed but unsettlingly emptied of people. Through using a tilted, vertiginous perspective, she invites the viewer to soar above but, equally, to be mesmerisingly drawn into the work. Her lengthy process of translucent layering, dripping, pouring and erasing, then rebuilding the surface through detailed over-drawing, reveals a history of mark-making and experiment beneath.

Following a Fine Art degree at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, and regular exhibitions in the UK and overseas, Louise begins a two-year MA in Painting at London’s City & Guilds Art School in September 2021.

Website: Louise Hardy
Instagram: @louisehardyart

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