Cass Breen

Cass Breen’s work entitled What’s Wrong was made in 2020 and 2021 throughout lockdown. It was inspired by early morning walks in central London parks, including the exceptional spring of 2020, devoid of all city noise except birdsong. Crossing the bridge by St Thomas’ Hospital heightened the disjunction between the blossoming fullness and splendour of the parks and the bleak, recondite drama playing out within.

The work is made from fallen branches, collected and bandaged in strips of linen which, like winding sheets, are carefully sewn into place. Some are waxed and dyed; others stained with secretions from the wood beneath. Some are stripped of their wrappings, which is all that remains.

Cass has a background in fine art and was Head of Visual Arts at City Lit for ten years. At present she works from her studio at home and begins an MA in Fine Art at London’s City & Guilds Art School later this year.

Instagram: @cass.breen

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