Anjum Moon

Anjum Moon’s paintings in this show are abstracted landscapes and still lifes. They are a direct response to a series of collaborative works with fellow artist Cass Breen, also a member of the Morley Fine Art Mentoring group. These collaborations started as ‘unfinished sentences’ that the other party completes, and they have worked by opening up possibilities to interventions.

“The artist Paul Klee refers to individual effort not being enough,” explains Anjum. “The artist must penetrate to the source of the life force. We must encourage a sense of community with the people with whom we work. This is the tragedy of the modern artist. We have no sense of community. This has been exacerbated by the recent lockdowns.”

She adds: “The Fine Art Mentoring course comes into its own by providing support and encouragement to a community of artists whilst working towards a group exhibition.”

Instagram: @anjumkmoon

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