About the exhibition

Welcome to the Final Online Exhibition by 11 artists who studied together on the Fine Art Mentoring Course 2019-20 at Morley College. Independently organised and funded by the students, the show features a curated selection of works created during the course and continuing into lockdowns, encompassing painting, drawing, print, video, sculpture and installation.

The course aims to form a bridge between college and gaining confidence through forging connections and a sense of community to practise and thrive as independent artists. An important part of this journey involves working together to independently organise a group exhibition. This year has been especially challenging in many ways and the show has been postponed twice since September due to lockdowns. However, the success is partly due to how the mentees have continued supporting each other through online meetings some ten months after finishing the course.

The work in this show demonstrates the rich achievements of each artist individually, as well as the benefits of alternative models of learning to increase access to a peer group inclusive of a wide range of histories, background and experience. I congratulate each mentee on this rich, thought-provoking and exciting exhibition. I look forward to seeing their continuing journeys as artists.

Thanks to Terry Barber for her evite design and masterminding of the catalogue, and to Catherine James for designing the online exhibition. Also very special thanks to the fantastic input of the following visiting artists for their invaluable contributions: Rosalind Davis, Justin Hibbs, Daniel Howard-Birt, Sara Knowland, Barbara Nicholls, Anne Ryan and Susan Sluglett.

I welcome you to the show and warmly encourage you to read more fully about the artists in their artists’ statements.

Erika Winstone
Course Director, Morley Fine Art Mentoring

For more information about the Fine Art Mentoring Course, please see the course page on the Morley College website: Fine Art Mentoring Course

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